200 Club – November Winners

In these unprecedented times, there is another way Members and friends can help out the Club finances. For many years now, we have been running a “200 Club”. The aim is to get 200 people to put in £4 / month into a Club “lottery”. There will then be cash prizes paid out each month and the remainder of the money will go into Club Funds. At present we have around 110 Members of the “200” Club and are looking to expand this up to the 200 target.

If you could spare £4 / month, we would be delighted to enrol you in the 200 Club and you will be in line for monthly prizes of £100, £50 and £25. This month, the winners are:
£100 I. Harrison
£50 K. Oxley
£25 K. Larder

Congratulations!! You’ve got to be in it to win it!

There is an additional prize of £250 every 6 months (2 per year!!). If we can get the numbers up to 200, we can increase the monthly and 6 monthly prizes.

Please complete the attached for and return to John Grundy at the Club, or email it to Rory Gildae at RoryG@compuserve.com.

Thanks for supporting the Club and the 200 Club.