200 Club – Update

Since the untimely passing of our beloved Rory Gildae, we have been trying to get up to date with everything Rory was doing for the Club.

One of his many tasks was to look after the 200 Club and Trevor Lewis has kindly agreed to take this over. We have been catching up the monthly draws and I publish these here:


£100    No. 35    Polly Oxley

£50      No. 23    Leighton Hughes

£25      No. 38    Sarah O’Mahony


£100    No. 78    D.E. Newns

£50      No. 41    Arthur O’Mahony

£25      No. 63    George Treen


£250    No. 91    Alan Shrager

£100    No. 113   1st XV Players Syndicate

£50      No. 100  M. Monaghan

£25      No. 59    Chris Paine


£100    No. 13    R. Harrison

£50      No. 86    Jason Routh

£25      No. 113   1st XV Players Syndicate

The October draw will take place at the pre-match meal against Tynedale on 12th November. November and December will be drawn at the Christmas games.

Why not join the 200 Club and support your Club. It is £4 / month for each number and if we can get the numbers up to 200, then the prizes will go up significantly. We currently have around 120 numbers taken. Email Trevor Lewis on 200club@sprufc.co.uk and he will send you an application form.