CV Update

An update from our "COBRA" Team.

We had the first meeting of SP “COBRA” Committee yesterday to dicsuss the implications of Coronavirus on the operation and finances of the Club. It is fair to say that the implications for the club are enormous, but I can assure all members that we are working very hard as a Management Team to mitigate these implications and try to keep the club afloat during these difficult months ahead. The “COBRA” Team will be meeting formally once a week, and informally as required, to do whatever is necessary for your club and the Members.

Firstly, as you are already aware, the RFU has suspended all Rugby related activities. Secondly, the Government has asked the population to avoid gatherings and crowded places such as Pubs and Clubs. As a responsible Management Team, we will of course attempt to comply with any current or future directives. However, we also need to keep the club running for our Members, so what are we going to do.

Firstly, all formal use of the Club has been suspended until 14th April, so there will be no Business Meetings or outside Functions during the week. All Parties have been cancelled for both Members and Outsiders until the 14th April. These will be under continuous review. Secondly, the Clubhouse will not be open every day, as we will be keeping opening and use of the Clubhouse to a minimum to reduce associated costs. If individual Members need to use the Clubhouse for any reason, please contact John Grundy to see if it is open. Subject to the aforementioned RFU/Government advice, if a group of Members wish to use the Club for any reason, please contact myself (Steve Ward) for permission beforehand.

The RFU, in it’s advice, has suggested that players need to keep themselves fir throughout this period. However, this cannot be training/fitness sessions formally organised by the club. To try and help players with this, the Club will be open the Gym to Members for personal use on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Evenings from 6pm to 9pm and Satrudays from 1pm to 4pm. Please do not use the Gym if you have any symptoms of CV and observe all health precautions before and after use of the Gym. We will open the Bar Area for refreshments for those who have used the Gym, but ask you to observe the Government advice on safe distancing.

The “quarantine” period is going to be difficult for everyone, but especially for the Club Finances. We were on Target to end this year in a very healthy position, but this period is going to be very difficult, especially if it becomes prolonged. We would like to ask for help from all Members over this period and initially there are 2 things for which we are asking for your help. Firstly, if you can pay next year’s Membership Fees Early, this would be an enormous help. We will be working out how we do this over the next couple of days. Secondly, we are going to introduce a scheme to pre-pay for the drinks. This means paying a regular (or one off) fee for a voucher that you can spend at the Bar when the club re-opens. Again, more about this later in the week. Neither of these proposals resolve the problem of no income, but they may allow us to cover the cashflow problems we are going to have over the next 3-6 months.

If anyone has any suggestions that may help us over this period, we would welcome your thoughts. Contact me on

Please keep an eye on the website and Social Media for further updates.

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