Festival Volunteers

To all members, we are just over 2 weeks away from the Whitefield Festival (The date for The Whitefield Festival is 28th June – 30th June 2019).

Now is the time I am looking for Volunteers to help support our major fundraiser of the year, We need you to help man the bar over the weekend, mainly on Friday Night and Saturday.

Below is a Bar Rota and ask all of you to try and give an hour of your time. If we can get 30 or 40 to give an hour, that will make my job a lot easier and let me focus on making the weekend a major success. We will have T-shirts and a few beers for those who help out. Come and make the weekend a great fundraiser.

Email me on chairman@sprufc.co.uk to volunteer and let me know what time you can give.
Steve Ward

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