Fighting Fund – Crowdfunding page

As agreed at the AGM and confirmed in my recent letter to all Members, we have set up a Fighting Fund Crowdfunder page to allow Members, Family, Friends and those who support the club to make a small (or large!!) donation to help support the club through these very difficult times.

We estimate that we have lost turnover in the order of £150-180,000 (profit of around £50-60,000) during the lockdown. Whilst we have mitigated this by obtaining government support, grants and furloughing staff, this has really hit us hard. It was only the fact that we were in a strong position financially before the lockdown, that we are coming out of it in relatively strong health. However, as this crisis continues to hit, we are finding it more and more dificult to keep the Club running.

Please donate what you feel you can afford and support your Management Team in keeping this great club operating.

The Link to the Crowdfunding page is below and it will also be unde “SHOP” on the main website.