Fourths go down to Orrell

To play rugby you need three things “A good pass, a good tackle and a good excuse” One out of three ain’t bad!!!!

The mighty Fourths travelled to the home of Rugby League to play Orrell. Hopes were high following a great performance again the Grasshoppers. Things didn’t start well the referee had the fixture down as a two thirty kick off and therefore the intensive warm up schedule was cut down to two pies and a couple of stretches.

The game kicked off and immediately SP were under pressure as Orrell scored within 3 mins of the kick off due to some lapse tackling, a theme that was to run throughout the performance. Allowing a simple run in for the winger 4 minutes after the same winger scored in the same corner. This is when to coach realised that everything discussed in the dressing room fell upon on deaf ears.

A wonderful pass from Matty Smith was then kicked forward by Steve over the fence into the next fully gated and fenced pitch (well we are in Wigan). SP then had a brainstorm and realised that if the forwards played to their strengths we may win the game. Sedgley drove to within striking distance of the Orrell line. Mike Pass sprang into action using all of his 19 stone muscle laden body to score from 300mm. Dave Donnelly converted to make it 10 -7 to the home team.

More shoddy tackling led to another Orrell score. SP had installed a turnstile in midfield. The Whitefield windmill Steve Hutchinson (who was winning lineouts for fun) had to leave the field due to a shoulder injury. To be replaced by the southern girly Mark Payne who stepped upto the plate excellently only to leave the field later with a Rib injury. 17-10

Then the best moment of the first half Chris Hayes was cleaned out by a 14 year child height 4’8”. Asked in the dressing room later he said I don’t think anybody noticed. (EVERYBODY NOTICED).
Euan Hamilton decided to try a little kick through even though SP having two extra men outside we have to put this down to the number of knocks on the head due to a lack of protection from his older much bigger forwards. The loss of Euan early in the second half didn’t help matters hope his arm recovers before next Saturday.

Dave Donnelly kicked another penalty, although having total dominance in scrummage possibly that would have been a better option 17-10. Criag (the knock on) Dixon who was having a great game along with his back-row partner James, took off on a 40m run from the base on the scrum to put SP in a great attacking position, which SP gained a penalty again kicked by DD 17-13

This was followed by a master class in tackling from Owen but, Orrell then scored again using great inter passing to make 24-13 SP Owen knocked on from the Kick off which would have easily turned into SP’s second try but the poor lad must have been tired form all the previous tackling. Owen had a tremendous game and was a close candidate for MOTM. Half Time. 24-13

Half time team talk revolved around keeping possession and drive through the ruck, for Orrell had no answer to this tactic. Stu Browning (Captain for the day) gave a rousing speech and thing were on the up.

Except ……. The second half started just as the first half finished with Orrell pinching an easy try 29-19. This was followed by the first fight of the afternoon where Orrell ran to the fight and SP walked to the fight!!! (Things may have to change here!)

Then the game changed in 8 minutes when Orrell ran in three Tries in from the kick off 49-13. They had some tremendous pace in their back division and they supported the runners well. Unfortunately, SP struggled to cope with the pace.

Not down-hearted though and still up for the fight the best period of the game for SP. The forwards took it to Orrell starting with a great run from Steve Simmons (who can run backwards faster than the rest of the team can run forwards!). It does help when something like the missing link is chasing you!!!. Scored in the corner 49-20. More great driving rugby from the forwards got SP within 15m of the Orrell line when Captain Stu Browning made a darting run to open up the Orrell defence and score to make it 49-25

Debutant Matty Smith powered in from 1m completely unmarked although self-doubt ran through his mind thinking the try line was the 5 metre line (give us a break Matty you couldn’t run 6m’s) 49-30. (Good to have you back supporting the team).

We then had Sted-head Fred bouncing off Tom Heddington like a WWF wrestler with a totally illegal tackle, only for the referee to send off Pencil neck Billy on the wing off.

Orrell had the last laugh with their best try of the game the game ended 54-30.

I would like to say though the spirit of the team was fantastic despite knowing deep down that we should have won the game with a little more thought and a step up in tackling. Well done to all the guys who turned and played.

David Wilson, Mike Orrell, Michael pass, Liam Craig, Stephen Hutchinson, Mark Payne, Matt smith, James Brearley, Chris Heyes, Craig Dixon, Euan Hamilton, Stu Browning ,David Donnelly, Owen Martin, Tom Henderson, Ste Simmonds, Stu Pearson, John O’Reilly , Alex Ettles, Tony Jones.

MOTM – James Brearley for his hard work and tackling throughout the game
DOTM – has to go to Chris Heyes for the bounce off from the little guy.
Next Saturday we are at home to Garstang – Where we are looking to bounce back (not like Heyes though) with a win. 14:30 kick off.
Please advise your availability on Thursday by the latest please
Remember we have had the GOOD EXCUSES – Onwards and upwards.
Come on the Mighty Fourths.

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