Huge result at Eccles

Score line Eccles 0 – 85 Sedgley Park

Where do you start with this? Well I’ll start with midweek I spoke with Eccles who stated they had a full team and wanted to play us!

We arrived and they only had 10 children, I duly offered our services and said I would give them two lads to make it 12 a side but there coach said no thanks let’s play 10 a side so we did.

We as ever started slowly? We really need to address this with a run of 3 very tough games around the corner.

However once we found our feet and started to click we ran in a lot of tries, it’s hard to tell you every try but I now know the scorers as I asked the boys afterwards in the club house.

What I do want to say is Eccles didn’t give up they tackled very well and played some nice rugby at times.

Some of the handling today was exceptional and we used the width of the pitch to full advantage Eccles didn’t have any reply for our hard defensive line. The biggest plus for me was the clean sheet it really is a testament to the lads.

I would have liked to give you a better breakdown of the tries but the scorers will have to do this week, I’ll do better for next week as I won’t have to ref.

Robbie X 3
Vinnie X 3
Jenson X 2
Bobcat X 2
Sam N X 1
Val X 2
Fin X 1
Freddie X 1
Theo W X 2
Would like to mention this is a team sport and all the lads got stuck in when required to do so. Let me give you a little word of wisdom ahead of next weekend’s fixture!!

Player Comments
Sam M = did all was asked of him and make some good decisions in defence. I want to see both twins back themselves more they have masses of strength let’s see it boys!!!
Joe M = tackled well and was actively looking for work keep it up! I want to see both twins back themselves more they have masses of strength let’s see it boys!!!
Bernie = Getting his sharpness back after his long layoff will continue to improve keep strong! Still tackled like a demon!
Josh = Has had a couple of weeks off due to injury came back fighting today and put some of his trademark hard hits in well done buddy.
Olli B = Strong and reliable would like to see him back himself more! Keep going. Oli B doesn’t know how much potential he has but as coaches we will unlock it!
Val = only played 20 minutes due to being poorly the night before still bagged 2 nice individual tries kids do not want to tackle him ! I don’t blame them! Very strong young man!
Jenson = better every week once again proving to be a menace to the opposition and took his two tries with ease. Brushes off the tackles with ease.
Fin = Tackled very well today makes me proud every time he steps on the pitch scored a nice try too. Would like to see fin push himself further!
Sam N = Faultless every team needs a Sam the boy is like a fine wine gets better with age. Tops off nearly every performance with a score no different today.
Freddie = Very strong in attack and brings a nice edge of aggression when needed scored a typical Freddie try bashed his way to the line. Well played.
Bobcat = this lad is exceptional he is like billy whizz super quick and has excellent hands to match scored two lovely tries well played pal.
Theo W = I said it last week don’t give him an inch of space as he will punish you for it! Scored two tries after a series of mazy runs! Backs himself every time (I don’t blame him) electric pace! Well done buddy!
Vinnie = this young man has the world at his feet, has great ability and strength of an adult, when he runs hard lines I don’t see anyone capable of stopping him, today he scored 3 tries (if he was an adult he would owe a jug of beer) really good game pal keep it up.
Robbie = Prior to joining Sedge Robbie had never played union, you couldn’t tell, he uses his rugby brain to perfection sees an opportunity and takes it, knows when to put that off load in and again today proved to be a valuable asset to any team he plays for, stand out performance for me today defence was massive and attack well 3 tries says it all. Well done pal.

This weekend we travel to Wigan, last time we played them the game was abandoned for fighting, I’m pre warning you this game will not be for the FAINT hearted don’t turn up expected a pretty game of rugby, this game will be won by good decision making and by putting your body on the line making that last ditch tackle and getting well and truly stuck in! Every boy needs to step up and be counted for BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!

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