Match Pictures, Tigers v Bournville

It is my ambition this winter to develop my photographic knowledge and techniques. I have the equipment: an old but excellent Canon 40D SLR, and two brilliant lenses, a big and heavy 100-400mm, which I bought specifically for cricket, and now a lightweight 70-200mm. All I need to do now is to learn how to use them in a rugby context, to get a bit better than okay-ish.

I have been watching instructional videos on YouTube, not least Mark Kerton, who specialises in soccer. Well worth watching just for the entertainment and insight into the mind of a professional, even if I cannot quite duplicate all his settings with my equipment.
You need also to be able to ‘read the game’, to a degree, but I have been around rugby for about 67 years now, since my first games as an eleven year old at Bradford GS, so I reckon I’m in with a chance.

Here is my latest effort, Saturday’s home game against Bournville. I still have a few focussing issues, but I feel I am getting there.

I hope to cover the 2nd XV v Chester cup game this coming Saturday.

Dave Morton