New Year’s Eve Party

You, the the members, have given your feedback on the type of party you would like, and we have listened.

This year’s NYE Party will be a family affair. We are opening up the whole clubhouse to have one big party where all the family are welcome. The Williams Suite will be predominantly for Adults with a DJ, Dance Floor and “Adult” Buffet. The Middle Bar will be predominantly for Children, where there will be Films, Games and Entertainment, along with a “Children’s” Buffet. The Hardmans Lounge will be a quiet area where Children (or Adults!!) can have a sleep.

Everyone is welcome in any part of the “Party”, as it is all one event.

Tickets are £12 for Adults and £30 for a family of 4. Starts at 7:30pm and goes on till 1pm.

If you want tickets, please contact Steve Ward on 07981-637616, or

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