Pitch 5 Rugby Ready

It has only taken a few weeks (!!) but we are proud to announce that the work on the Floodlights on Pitch 5 is complete and with that, all the work on Pitch 5 has been completed. The pitch is now fully ready for training and playing. This pitch is included in the Summer maintenance programme, so will be dressed, seeded and fertilised, along with all the other pitches in the next 6 weeks. This will now be our premium playing surface next season.










The completion of Pitch 5 has been about more than just Floodlights. The pitch need clearing of Trees and a layer of Stone, Sand and Soil adding, before seeding. A massive thanks to HHSmith who carried out this work and to the large group of volunteers who gave freely of their time to get it to a grass pitch. Without the help of the Volunteers none of this would have been possible. I don’t want to name volunteers for fear of missing any out, but the whole club owes a debt of gratitude to these Volunteers. You know who you are.

It would also be remiss of me not to mention the group who funded this completion work, the Mini and Junior Section. Through various initiatives, the M&Js raised £30,000 to cover the work, at a time when the club did not have the funds to do this. Because of this magnificent effort, the Club has agreed to let the M&J Section have exclusive use of the pitch for training and matches. I think the Club should all raise a glass to the hard work of the M&J Section on this project.

Finally, the Floodlights were installed with major support of Paul Egan (Egan Projects) and Dave Smith (HHSmith), along with a small group of dedicated volunteers. I think anyone who was at training after 8pm last night will bear testament to the quality of the pitch and the Floodlights.

A massive thank you to all involved from a grateful club. Lets hope we get a good winter’s use out of the pitch.