Update – Maintenance

Whilst COVID-19 has stopped all Rugby and Social activities at the Club during this lockdown period, we have not been sleeping. Your Management Team have been carrying on with some essential and opportunity Maintenance. The pitches have been dressed, seeded and fertilised and all we need now is a little rain to water the pitches. However, the borehole is now producing water and we are using this to irrigate Pitch 1. The pitches are now being cut regularly as the grass continues to grow and will need more regular cutting when we have a bit of rain. Whilst those stuck at home have enjoyed the sunshine, and it has been good for our Solar generation, it has been very dry for the pitches. The club owes a massive thank you to Rory Gildae and John Grundy who have carried out most of this work and to all the others who have helped.

In addition to the Pitches we have also been carrying out some needed clubhouse maintenance. Whlist we have been shudown, we have taken the opportunity to carry out work on the cellar. The floor has been relaid and matting put down to protect the surface. Thanks to Dave Smith for organising this work.

We have also completely reworked the downstairs changing Room Toilet. The EBBC took on this task and have part funded the work. The work has been carried out by one of Club Members, Michael Haghton and he has done a magnificent job. A massive thanks to both Michael and the EBBC for carrying out this essential work.

Finally, a big thanks to Steve Chestney who has taken over the completion of painting of the doors, surrounds and skirting in the Williams Suite.

It should be noted that we take the safety of our Volunteers very seriously and all this work was carried out within the Government guidelines. Thanks to everyone who has helped.


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