Upgrade to Heating System

6 years ago, we had a centralised heating and hot water system, run from an ageing, inefficient Gas Boiler. We replaced this centralised system with 3 independent systems run from more efficient, modern Boilers. This significantly reduced our gas usage by being more flexible and efficient.

Whilst this was a step in the right direction, events in Ukraine, and the increase in Gas prices this has caused, have made the Management Team of the Club review how we operate the Heating of the Clubhouse. It was decided by the Management Team that we would look at installing Air Source Heat Pumps in all the Function Rooms of the Clubhouse.

Air Source Heat Pumps have the capability of saving around 30% for an average household. If we can achieve the same savings, this would amount to savings of £3000-£5000 per annum for Sedgley Park. Significant indeed! We obtained quotations for carrying out the work and these ranged from £20,000-£25,000. We eventually agreed on a quotation from Egan Projects.

Whilst the project would have been likely to repay itself within 5-7 years (as with the Solar Panels), we obtained a grant of £14,930 through Viridor Credits Environmental Company, which manages the Landfill Communities Fund. Viridor Credits has rebranded as Valencia Communications Fund. We are very grateful to Viridor Credits Environmental Co. for supporting us in this very important project.

This project, on the back of our Solar, LED Floodlighting and Borehole Projects has reduced our Energy usage at the Club, saving us a massive amount of money and helping us towards our target of being Carbon Neutral.