Everyone will have seen, I am sure, that the government has announced a relaxing to the Lockdown to allow the Hospitality Industry to open its doors once more in a way that looks to the safety of its customers.

For some weeks now, we have been working on how we can open up in a way that looks to the safety of our Members without removing the enjoyment.

We are awaiting advice from the RFU on what this means for training and ultimately playing of Rugby. Once we have this, we will update our own procedures and make everyone aware of this. Please do not jump the gun on this and take any advice into your own hands. We have a set of procedures in place currently, based on Government and RFU advice, and these should be followed until we announce any update to these. If you need copies of this advice, please contact Dave Wild for the Youth Section (youthrugby@sprufc.co.uk) or myself, Steve Ward (chairman@sprufc.co.uk) for Senior Rugby.

As far as opening the Clubhouse and bars are concerned, we will be opening these, in compliance with Government Guidelines, on the 4th July. We are currently reviewing the Government Guidelines, Risk Assessing what we are allowed to do and how we do this as safely as possible. As soon as we have done this, we will publish when we will be opening and our procedures for doing this as safely as we can. This will hopefully be early next week, so you will have time to plan.

We look forward to seeing you all in the very near future (Socially distanced of course).

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